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03/10 Awarded C3 Educator Credential CertificateThe student has completed 8 teacher preparation professional development seminars and has been awarded the C3 Educator Credential Certificate by Project Maestros./Sign Up
11/16 C3 Community 3 2021Community in the Classroom: Power - Dr. Marcus Johnson/Sign Up
10/21 Bring It Back Down: Defusing and De-escalating Student ConflictPresented by Daniel King of the Department of Communication Studies. Let's face it: we all know that we will have to deal with student confrontations at some point, no matter how great we are in the classroom. Might as well be good at it, right? From rude comments to overt expressions of anger, obstinance comes in all shapes and sizes. The purpose of this workshop is to identify and practice communicative techniques that allow us to defuse charged situations and stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the process./Sign Up
11/10LBJ STUDENT CENTER MEETING ROOMTeacher Job FairCareer Fair intended for students in their student teaching semester, graduating in December 2021 seeking full-time positions. 9:00 am/ 12:00 pmSign Up
11/04 The Dark Side of Instructional CommunicationJust like anything else in life, there are always two sides to every proverbial coin, and teaching is no different. While the rewards of teaching are unparalleled and serve as fuel for our passion, we also know that there's sometimes a "not so bright side" to being an educator. The purpose of this workshop is to expand on its predecessors, communicating immediacy and defusing confrontation, to explore and navigate multiple contexts across the "Dark Side" of instructional communication./Sign Up
11/02 C3 Community 1 2021Community in the Classroom: Cultural Wealth - Dr. Marcus Johnson/Sign Up
10/27 C3 Culture 3 2021Cultural Responsiveness: Culture in my Classroom OCTOBER 27 | 2:30 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. | ED 1007 OR ZOOM Dr. Mencke explains the Integrated Lesson Model and how it can be used to incorporate aspects of individual student and local community cultures into your lessons./Sign Up
10/20 C3 Culture 2 2021Cultural Responsiveness: Culture and Schools - Dr. Paul Mencke/Sign Up
11/09 C3 Community 2 2021Community in the Classroom: Identities - Dr. Marcus Johnson/Sign Up
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08/26LBJ STUDENT CENTER MEETING ROOMSACA Member MeetingJoin SACA for their weekly member meeting to learn more about how to get involved, help plan events for your peers, and meet others with similar interests! We're your ticket to entertainment. 5:30 pm/ 6:30 pmSign Up
09/03 Student Foundation Membership MeetingsMembership meetings 10:00 am/ 12:15 pm
08/27LBJ STUDENT CENTER MEETING ROOMSACA Executive Board MeetingClosed Meeting - SACA Executive Board only 1:00 pm/ 3:00 pm
10/28LBJ STUDENT CENTER MEETING ROOMSOLD Workshop: I'm an Advisor! What Does That Mean?A workshop to help develop advisors of organizations. 12:00 pm/ 1:00 pmSign Up
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10/23LBJ STUDENT CENTER MEETING ROOMVeterans Monthly LunchMonthly Lunch 11:30 am/ 1:00 pmSign Up
10/01 Homecoming: Soap Box Derby InspectionsClosed: Staff & soap box derby participants only 1:00 pm/ 5:00 pmSign Up
10/29 SACA Presents: Bobcats After Dark Fright Night Students can come have fun in a Halloween theme event with games, fun activities and more 8:00 pm/ 10:00 pmSign Up